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24/7 Product Tracking

What to expect from the NAFG vehicle tracking system

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Track Your Vehicle Here

(855) 289-6572

For any other inquiries

Sales/Quote inquiry:


Status Inquiry:


Accounts Payable/Receivable:


Phase 1: On Order


Order is accepted by manufacturer.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for MFR to schedule assembly.


Phase 2: Scheduled


Vehicle is scheduled to be assembled. Please allow 2-3 weeks for Assembling to begin.


Phase 3: Assembling


Please allow manufacturer 2-3 weeks to assemble vehicle (s)


Phase 4: In Transit to Facility


Please allow 2-4 weeks for vehicle  transit to arrive at installer or processing facility.

Installer Time: TBD by Installer; Refer to upfit contact.


Phase 5: At Installer or Holding Facility


All preparations will be finalized.


Phase 6: Delivered


Thank you for your vehicle purchase!

We look forward to your next order.

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